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Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

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    Frame Material: TR90 Temples Material: CP Lens: Anti-Blue Introducing our Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses -  combination of fashion and function. These glasses are meticulously designed to offer you not only a sleek and stylish look but also essential protection for your eyes in the digital age.

  • Specification
    TR90 Frame:
    The TR90 frame is the cornerstone of our reading glasses' exceptional design. Made from a highly durable and lightweight material, it's a revolution in eyewear. TR90 is a thermoplastic material known for its flexibility and toughness. The result? A comfortable and resilient frame that won't easily break or warp.
    Our TR90 frame provides an elegant and modern look that suits any style, making these glasses a versatile addition to your daily attire. The frame's clean lines and subtle branding ensure you look chic whether you're working at the office, reading a novel at home, or enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.
    Comfort Without Compromise:
    One of common problems with reading glasses is discomfort caused by frames that pinch or press against the sides of your face. Our TR90 frame is designed with your comfort in mind. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to the contours of your face, ensuring a snug yet gentle fit. You won't experience any of the discomfort often associated with wearing glasses for extended periods.
    Whether you're a professional who spends long hours in front of a computer screen, an avid reader, or simply someone who enjoys looking at their phone, these reading glasses offer unparalleled comfort. You'll forget you're even wearing them as you immerse yourself in your tasks or leisure activities.
    Blue Light Blocking Technology:
    In today's digital age, we're exposed to the amount of artificial blue light emitted by screens, including those of our smartphones, tablets, and computers. This exposure can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and even sleep disruption. Our Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses feature cutting-edge blue light blocking technology.
    The lenses of these glasses are specially coated to effectively filter out harmful blue light, reducing its impact on your eyes. This means less strain, reduced dryness, and minimized headaches – even after hours of screen time. These glasses are a game-changer for anyone who values their eye health in a world dominated by screens.
    Versatile and Stylish:
    Style is an essential aspect of our design philosophy. Our TR90 frames come in a variety of sophisticated and classic colors, ensuring that you can find pair to match your personal style. Whether you prefer a timeless black frame or something a bit more daring like a deep navy or sleek tortoiseshell pattern, we have you covered. These glasses are designed to complement your wardrobe and enhance your overall look.
    Protect Your Eyes in Style:
    Our Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are not just eyewear; they are an investment in your eye health and a statement of your personal style. With their TR90 frame, unmatched comfort, and advanced blue light blocking technology, they are the ideal choice for anyone who values their eyes and wants to look great while doing it.
    Say goodbye to eye strain and discomfort and hello to a world of stylish, comfortable, and healthy vision. Elevate your eyewear game and make the smart choice with our Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. Your eyes deserve it.
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    Taizhou Jiaojiang Xinshengyuan Glasses Factory is a company specializing in the production and processing of sunglasses, cycling glasses, glasses frames, anti-blue light glasses, presbyopic glasses, children's glasses, and other products. We have a complete scientific quality management system. Our integrity, strength, and product quality are recognized by the industry.

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We are a comprehensive strength Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses suppliers integrating Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses research and development, design, production, assembly, and sales. We mainly produce sports cycling glasses, fashion sunglasses, reading glasses, children's glasses, etc.! We have a complete and scientific quality management system and a professional and well-established eyewear supply chain! Located in Duqiao Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, the home of glass, the Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses company covers an area of 2,000 square meters and has a daily output of 3W pairs. The Stylish TR90 Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses has been certified by the U.S. FDA for drop ball testing and has been tested by nationally recognized authorities. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, provide guidance, and negotiate business.

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