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PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses

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    Introducing our cutting-edge PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses, the fusion of style, performance, and protection for cyclists of all levels. These sleek eyewear essentials are meticulously crafted to provide you with cycling experience, offering uncompromising eye safety, comfort, and a dash of sporty sophistication.

  • Specification
    UV400 Protection:
    When it comes to cycling, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is of paramount importance. Our Polygon Cycling Glasses feature a high-quality UV400 protection coating, safeguarding your eyes against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Enjoy your rides without worrying about potential long-term damage to your vision.
    Dustproof Design:
    Cyclists are no strangers to encountering various environmental elements on the road. Dust and debris can be irritating, causing discomfort and distractions. Our glasses feature a dustproof design that prevents fine particles from entering your eyes, allowing you to stay focused on your cycling goals without any interference.
    Sleek Polygonal Shape:
    These cycling glasses are designed with a modern polygonal shape that not only looks stylish but also enhances your field of vision. The unique geometry of the lenses offers a wide panoramic view, helping you stay alert to your surroundings and obstacles on the road.
    Lightweight and Durable:
    We understand that cycling requires gear that is both durable and lightweight. Our Polygon Cycling Glasses are made from high-quality PC (polycarbonate) material, which strikes the balance between strength and weight. They are incredibly durable and able to withstand the rigors of cycling without feeling heavy on your face.
    Adjustable Nose Pads:
    To ensure a personalized fit, our glasses come with adjustable nose pads. You can easily tailor the glasses to your face shape, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. No more slipping or discomfort during your rides.
    Non-Slip Temple Grips:
    Frequent adjustments during a ride can be frustrating. We've added non-slip temple grips to these glasses, keeping them securely in place even during intense cycling sessions. Feel confident that your eyewear will stay put, allowing you to concentrate on your performance.
    Scratch-Resistant Lenses:
    Cycling can put your eyewear through a lot of challenges, including encounters with dirt, branches, and more. Our scratch-resistant lenses can endure these trials, ensuring long-lasting clarity and optical performance. Enjoy a clear view of the road ahead without annoying scratches compromising your vision.
    Multiple Lens Tint Options:
    Choose from a variety of lens tint options to suit different lighting conditions. Whether you're cycling in bright sunlight, overcast skies, or in the twilight hours, we have a lens tint that will enhance your visibility and protect your eyes accordingly.
    Easy Maintenance:
    We've made sure that maintaining your Polygon Cycling Glasses is a breeze. The design allows for easy cleaning and care, Ensuring your eyewear looks and performs well for years to come.
    In summary, our PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses are your ideal cycling companions, offering premium protection, style, and comfort in one package. Whether you're a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, these glasses are engineered to elevate your performance and provide peace of mind while you tackle the open road. So, gear up with our Polygon Cycling Glasses and let nothing stand in your way on your next cycling adventure.
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    Taizhou Jiaojiang Xinshengyuan Glasses Factory is a company specializing in the production and processing of sunglasses, cycling glasses, glasses frames, anti-blue light glasses, presbyopic glasses, children's glasses, and other products. We have a complete scientific quality management system. Our integrity, strength, and product quality are recognized by the industry.

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Taizhou Jiaojiang
Xinshengyuan Glasses Factory.

We are a comprehensive strength PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses suppliers integrating PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses research and development, design, production, assembly, and sales. We mainly produce sports cycling glasses, fashion sunglasses, reading glasses, children's glasses, etc.! We have a complete and scientific quality management system and a professional and well-established eyewear supply chain! Located in Duqiao Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, the home of glass, the PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses company covers an area of 2,000 square meters and has a daily output of 3W pairs. The PC UV400 Protection Dustproof Polygon Cycling Glasses has been certified by the U.S. FDA for drop ball testing and has been tested by nationally recognized authorities. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, provide guidance, and negotiate business.

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